It Starts with Art

Studies show that early exposure to visual art promotes activity and development in the brain. Art lessons greatly encourage and nurture valuable life skills through fun, creative, learning activities. It starts with art!

Les Petits Painters offers art lessons to stimulate young people’s minds and develop them mentally, socially, physically (dexterity, coordination, observation), and emotionally.

Children will acquire skills through new techniques and processes using a wide range of tools, learn about new materials, and create projects that express their thoughts and personality.

Kids benefit greatly from art because creating art:

Develops their imagination;
Promotes their curiosity;
Improves their social skills when they make friends and get along with other kids;
Boosts self-confidence;
Helps them express emotions;
Leads them to discover how to make something special from something ordinary;
Builds problem-solving skills;
Fulfills their desire to learn something new;
Teaches them how to search for solutions.

Testimonials and Feedback –

My son (age 4) loves going to Les Petits Painters.

Teresa has the most wonderful ideas with art. Each of her lessons are so well thought through with amazing creativity, structure and preparation, not to mention the beautiful artwork as a product for display at home from all the lessons. She and her helpers are always so patient with the students. She carefully considers everything, including seating arrangements, to maximise student engagement and learning opportunities.

Teresa also takes the time to write up a document after each artwork is finished with photos of the kids participating in the lesson. The document isn’t just about the photos; it has explanations of what the lesson is about, how to create the artwork and the skills that are invovled through the process of creating the artwork – it’s an amazing review of the lessons and most definitely a keepsake!

Highly recommend this art class!

“Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons with Eliyas. I meant every word I said on the (Facebook) review, you are truly amazing. I can feel your passion and you really care about each child’s development. Look at the improvement on Eliyas’s hand writing!! I believe you have a lot to do with it!” — Yolanda, mum of 5 yr. old Eliyas

“Thank you for teaching Lucas these past 2 years +. When he started, he would not even put dots on paper! Thank you for your patience & dedication, an art teacher like no other.” – Jaime, mum of Lucas

“Teresa is one of the best art teachers. She focusses on the child’s creativity and also shows them how famous artists saw art. She also helps us as parents understand how these artists viewed and brought different styles. My daughter, Sharanya, loves going to the classes and loves painting. We are thoroughly enjoying the classes 🙂 Teresa is helping children even during Covid19 lockdown through her regular mail and artwork. Thanks for being so wonderful. Highly recommend Les Petits!” — Padma, mum of 7 yr old Sharanya

“Thank you for being such an awesome art teacher with the awesome art classes every week, Les Petits Painters. We (Stef) loved every minute of it. See you next term. X” — Candy, mum of 4 yr. old Stef

“My little girl loves this class. The teachers are caring and supportive and the work they encourage the kids to create is amazing! Since she started, my daughter now also enjoys painting more at home and preschool, using her new found skills and love of art.” — Cathy, mum of 4 yr. old Anna

“It was fantastic. Hannah said it looked hard but it was easy as you were explaining it. She also enjoyed painting a unicorn as she had never painted a unicorn before. Annabelle said that she really enjoyed doing the sky (blending colours). All the kids had a great time! They were engaged the whole time. Great experience and very worthwhile!” — Debbie, mum of Hannah, 5 yrs and Annabelle, 7 yrs at their joint art birthday party.

“My son put the picture (painting) he did in dad’s restaurant 😉 He did very good and so happy with you. Thank you.” — Vivian, mum of 4.5 yr old Joseph

“Les Petits is a nice place to do art for children of any age. Teachers are so kind and helpful. There are so many available varieties of materials to use. Kids are enjoying so much.” — Joan

“The staff are friendly and helpful. My daughter’s face lit up when she was asked if she wanted to paint. Normally, when asked if she wants to go to the playground, it’s always yes, so when she says no to the playground, I know I’m on a winner.” — Robert

“My 2 boys, aged 6 + 2, had a great time + the staff were very friendly and was well organised! Thank you! — Jo

“Both my children, 3, 6 years, had a great time being creative & learning. Thank you! Also, the teachers were very supportive & encouraging.” — Tamara

“A well-organised – excellent event. My two granddaughters loved the whole session. Many, many thanks to the capable and caring staff. “– Michael R.

“Our granddaughters thoroughly enjoyed + got much out of the afternoon. At first both were a little apprehensive but staff really professional at encouraging girls to experiment with different media. Plenty of variety available and a wide choice. Thank you.” — Sue R.

“My kids (age 9 and 3) had absolutely gala time at your studio. Thank you very much for putting up with their messiness. Thanks for encouraging them to be bold and creative.” — Parul G.

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Turn Little Kids into Little Painters

Les Petits Painters translates to “little painters.”  The name takes inspiration from the French who have a rich, artistic cultural heritage. Likewise, we want kids to be ready to paint their world!

Les Petits Painters aims to nurture the artistic talent in your children through thoughtfully designed art classes.

We carefully plan our approach to art lessons. We start the class by reading books, observing pictures and discussing the topic. Hence, we begin by stimulating the imagination. All lessons are taught in an age-appropriate manner. They can be about animals, culture, our environment, seasons of the year, or art history.  Then, the children will draw, paint, or craft what they learned and process it into an art piece.

Our art sessions encourage a lot of experimentation and creative thinking, allowing the kids to discover and try new things in a nurturing environment. Above all, they are free to express their personality in their work.

Creative Kids Provider

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great. Claim your Creative Kids voucher today.

From February 2024, eligible parents, guardians and carers of school-aged children can apply for a new voucher.

The voucher is valued at $50 and:

  • will be available twice a year, starting from February 2024
  • can be used for eligible active or creative activities with registered providers
  • must be redeemed before the expiry date on the voucher.

For more information regarding the Creative Kids program, visit

CovidSafe Policies and Procedures

Les Petits Painters is a registered CovidSafe Business
We’re officially registered as a Covid Safe Business with the NSW government.

1. Hygiene – hand washing before and after each class, soap available in bathrooms. Sanitizers, disinfectant wipes available at the door.

2. Increased cleaning – Cleaning and disinfecting of tables, chairs, non-consumables before and after each class. 

3. Individual art supplies – each student will have their own supplies.

Art Classes for Kids in Your Neighbourhood

Les Petits Painters  holds premium, child-friendly painting and art classes for kids in Chatswood, Willoughby.  It is conveniently located in the heart of Chatswood CBD near cafes and shops, and easily accessible.

We love sharing our passion for art with the little ones, allowing them to get creative and express themselves. Painting, drawing, and crafting are coupled with fun, imaginative play at every art session!

Our weekday morning art classes are ideal for children ages 3 to 5, the Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning classes are for children 5 to 9 years old.

Only eight students per class to ensure an ideal student‒teacher ratio.

  • Thursdays (Chatswood)
  • Saturdays (Chatswood)

Ask us about our schedule of art classes for kids. Find out how your little ones can participate in our regular, weekly sessions.

Know more about the people behind Les Petits Painters here.

Have a look at our gallery, featuring some behind-the-scenes photos of our classes, as well as our budding young artists’ masterpieces, created during the classes.

All our teachers have Working with Children Check (WCC Check).

The Joy of Painting

Painting and art classes at a young age stimulates minds and satisfies the brain’s natural desire to learn. Most certainly, art contributes to joy and happiness.

Curiosity is strongest during early childhood. When kids are curious, their minds are open to absorbing new knowledge, understanding things around them, and learning new skills. Curiousity encourages kids to keep learning throughout their lives. It is found to be a core ability in successful kids.

At Les Petits Painters, we introduce carefully designed painting lessons with skills learning for your children.

Art influences the overall well-being of a child, whether these skills are cognitive, language-based, physical, or emotional. The experience of using their imagination, senses, and thought process through “play” to ultimately create something they make themselves brings a lot of enjoyment, and promotes self-esteem and positive feelings.

Kids explore, discover, and learn by using various art materials, not just a paintbrush. They will experiment with colours, shapes, and textures using traditional and nontraditional art tools.

Kids learn so many more valuable life skills through art. Art boosts their self-confidence, hones problem-solving abilities and critical thinking, practises their observation skills, and so much more!

Art also allows kids to express their feelings and thoughts in a nonverbal way.

Notice how time seems to stand still when a child starts doing art?