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Creative Kids Provider Les Petits Painters
As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and create something great. If you don’t have a voucher, please visit

Covid19 Safe Policies and Procedures

NSW Covid Safe business official badge, Les Petits Painters is registered as a Covid Safe Business
We’re officially registered as a Covid Safe Business with the NSW government.

1. Hygiene – hand washing before and after each class.

2. Social Distancing – 1 student per 4 sqm.

3. Increased cleaning – Cleaning and disinfecting of tables, chairs, non-consumables before and after each class.

4. Face Masks – All staff will wear masks. Adults must wear masks before entering the building. All children will wear masks at class except under medical request.

5. Individual art supplies – each child will have their own supplies and will not be sharing

6. Drop-offs and pick-ups only – only children attending the class are allowed inside; no waiting in the room/hallway.

7. QR Code and Record Keeping – Use the Regency Tower QR code before entering the building and the Les Petits Painters QR Code located at the hallway before the room. A record will be kept of each child/parent/guardian who comes in for contact tracing.

8. Vaccination – All parents/carers who drop-off/pick-up the children must have at least 1 vaccination/dose.

Summer Holiday Art Workshops 2020

Good news! We’re running fun, summer holiday art workshops for kids.

We’ve got some exciting art and craft projects lined up for kids that will make their summer truly memorable. They will paint, print, create and bring home masterpieces.

Register your child for fun, summer holiday art workshops running on January 20, 21 and/or 22 conveniently located in the heart of Chatswood, a 3-4 minute walk from the train station.

Ideal for children 5 – 9 years old. Email us at

Little Kids, Big Art Show

This art show presents the work by students of Les Petits Painters. It’s really a celebration of what the kids have discovered, learned, enjoyed and achieved in their weekly classes. It aims to encourage and support these little artists to continue their creative journey, to share their talent to the world, and more importantly, to never let go of their passion.

These kids may be little, but their art is big with heart.

9 November 2019 – 31 January 2020

Opening: 9 November 2019, 5pm

Les Petits Painters children's art exhibit displaying art made by students, painting class exhibit
Little Kids, Big Art Show celebrates the work by students of Les Petits Painters. Opening 9 November 2019 and runs until 31 January 2020. Exhibit is free. Located in Dougherty Community Centre Art Space, 7 Victor St., Chatswood.