A Flying Puppy (Featured Kids’ Art)

Here’s a painting of a flying puppy!

A kid's painting of a flying puppy by Les Petits Painters | LesPetitsPainters.com.au
Flying puppy. Kids love a good story! Drawing a picture with a story becomes even more exciting. It?s a new (non-verbal) language. #kidsart #loveart #expression #lespetitspainters #story #imagination #whimsy #preschool #drawing #art #painting

From one of our student’s artworks at our painting classes for preschoolers.

Kids love art, especially after you’ve fired up their excitement with a good story– inspiring them to get creative and have lots of fun!

Children learn a  new (non-verbal) language, and through fun art, they get to cultivate a healthier imagination, expressing even the most whimsical and absurd.

Isn’t it just adorable?