Our Kids’ Art Gallery

Welcome to the Les Petits Painters Art Gallery, showcasing some of the amazing works of art by students from our different classes!

Arts and crafts are important for little kids, encouraging the development of creativity, expressiveness, and self-confidence. As the budding artists learn to think and act as makers and designers, they also strengthen their problem-solving abilities, and nurture a greater appreciation for design, critical thinking, and culture.

Ultimately, starting off your little ones with art at an early age cannot but enrich and better shape their lives.

This gallery has inspired other parents to let their kids have some fun (and even get messy!) through these little masterpieces by our own little painters and artists.

Enrol your young children and give them a head start with art!  Weekly art classes are held in the neighbourhoods of Chatswood and Hunters Hill.

The Benefits of Art

Early exposure to art stimulates young minds and brings endless discoveries through positive experiences. These are some of the benefits young children gain from art:

  • Develops their imagination and creativity
  • Improves their social skills—they make new friends and learn to get along with other kids
  • Helps them express their emotions
  • Promotes their curiosity, allowing them to discover and experience new things

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Sign Up and Register for Art Classes with Les Petits Painters!

Les Petits Painters offers carefully designed art classes for 3‒9 year old kids.

Preschoolers and primary age kids will have loads of fun and laughter as we incorporate storytelling and games to creatively stimulate their imagination before they start painting. Each lesson is coupled with learning different techniques of art.

Enrol your little ones now and give them a head start with art! Weekly art classes are held in accessible NSW neighbourhoods—in Chatswood and Hunters Hill.

More information on our painting classes:

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Our classes are held in Chatswood and Hunters Hill NSW.

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