Get Messy With a Splatter Painting

Kids are free to get messy at our painting classes for preschoolers!

A splatter painting on an easel by a preschooler at an arts and crafts session by Les Petits Painters |
Art provides many happy opportunities for a child to actively experiment. Colour splatters, using multiple brushes simultaneously, droppers and more to create new ways to paint. Learning new skills to invent something new will be useful when the child grows up. #kidsactivity #painting #art #paintingclasses #kidsart #children #kidsartclass #skills #creativity #invention #lespetitspainters #easel #experiment #learn #fun #artstudio #splatter

With a bit of inspiration, we give the kids lots of happy opportunities to express their creativity by splashing paint around on a canvas using different implements– a couple of brushes, droppers, and even their hands if they want to use them!

Experimentation encourages not just imagination but also problem-solving abilities, two very important life skills kids will need growing up.

Food Art Fun With Kids

Fantastic food art fun! Here’s a painted doughnut by one of our students from our regular painting sessions in Chatswood and Hunters Hill.

Food painting by a preschooler at an arts and crafts session by Les Petits Painters |
Food painting! Kids love drawing and painting food. Make something ordinary, special. Get your little one to imagine decorating doughnuts, ice cream or their favourite treat. #art #creativekids #food #kids #painting #kidsactivities #paintingclasses #children #doughnuts #drawing #colour #lespetitspainters #lifeimitatesart

Food art is just one way of making art fun for your little ones! You can do the same sort of kids’ activities at home using bread, muffins, ice cream, or their favourite treats.

Experimentation is all part of the learning process.  At Les Petits Painters’ painting class for children, kids have the freedom to express themselves in a nurturing, relaxed environment.

A Flying Puppy (Featured Kids’ Art)

Here’s a painting of a flying puppy!

A kid's painting of a flying puppy by Les Petits Painters |
Flying puppy. Kids love a good story! Drawing a picture with a story becomes even more exciting. It?s a new (non-verbal) language. #kidsart #loveart #expression #lespetitspainters #story #imagination #whimsy #preschool #drawing #art #painting

From one of our student’s artworks at our painting classes for preschoolers.

Kids love art, especially after you’ve fired up their excitement with a good story– inspiring them to get creative and have lots of fun!

Children learn a  new (non-verbal) language, and through fun art, they get to cultivate a healthier imagination, expressing even the most whimsical and absurd.

Isn’t it just adorable?