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Les Petits Painters offers carefully designed art classes for 3‒9 year old kids.

The kids will have fun doing art as we tell stories to stimulate their imagination and get their creative juices running before they start the session. Each class offers art techniques and skills that kids learn so they can practice and enjoy on their own.
Please check first for availability before paying the fee.

Enrol your little ones to give them a head start with art!
Weekly art classes are held in the neighbourhoods of Chatswood and  Hunters Hill.

    How To Register for Art Lessons with Les Petits Painters:

    1. Fill out the provided registration form with your name, mobile number, e-mail address, and your child's name.

    2. Select "Chatswood" or "Hunters Hill," on the pull-down menu. If Chatswood, select your preferred day/time.

    3. Choose your preferred mode of payment.

    4. Once completed, click "Register."  You will see the PayPal checkout screen. Pay via either of the following two options:

    Bank Deposit. The account number and BSB number will be sent to you after you complete the Registration Form.

    PayPal. Log into your PayPal account, after being redirected to the checkout screen.

    Pay via Debit or Credit Card. Upon being redirected, you will find the option "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" towards the bottom portion of the screen. Fill in your information at the checkout for payment to be processed.

    5. Registration is completed once payment is received and confirmation given.

    6. For any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime:

    Teresa: 0428 880 378
    You may also email us here.

    Art and craft classes for kids
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    The Benefits of Art

    Early exposure to art stimulates young minds and brings endless discoveries through positive experiences.

    Art benefits children by:

    • Developing their imagination and creativity
    • Improving their social skills; children find it easier to make new friends and get along with other kids
    • Helping them express their emotions
    • Promoting curiosity and allowing them to discover and experience new things

    More Information on Our Painting Classes:

    View our class schedules.
    View an online copy of our latest brochure.
    Find out more about our team at Les Petits Painters.
    Our classes are held in Chatswood and Hunters Hill.

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    Does your child enjoy painting, creating, discovering, and learning new things?


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